Loom SV 2016 Field Blend Grenache Shiraz
Loom SV Field Blend Grenache Shiraz



McLaren Vale

Tasting note:

I reckon a field blend should be fermented in the vineyard which it was grown. Being my vineyard and all I can confidently say this wasn’t. Also the wine to which this note is referring to is a blend of Grenache and Shiraz and with a nod to the second sentence of this at best, monologue, I’ve more than a wink and nudge assumption that there’s a shit load more planted in this vineyard than Shiraz and Grenache. Either way I’m not fussed and looking across the table immersed in reflective sound, I’m happy to indulge in whatever conceptual misdemeanours we may be subjecting you too in the spirit of an awesome glass of wine. This is certainly that, super sweet red fruits, aniseed, cinnamon and so on, and on. Brilliant to drink, easy, yet omni present, the type of wine I’d love to say I made… which I sort of did.